A short film set in Palestine and the UK.

Mazen, a 23 year old Arab living in Britain, visits his family in the West Bank town of Nablus in the midst of the 2nd Intifada.

Already angry at the treatment his people suffer at the hands of Israeli soldiers, he witnesses a series of events that leave him equally upset with his own side ... including a feud between 2 families, where one has accused the other of having an Israeli informer in their midst.




Early-mid 20s British Arab. Barely able to speak his native language, and feels a little out of place when he visits his roots. Friendly, if a little awkward at times. The main character and narrator of the story.

Mazen’s father

Middle-aged, old-fashioned Arab parent, with a frank and blunt speaking style.


Slightly-downbeat and always serious. Intelligent, but seems somewhat jaded by the war, her family and life in general.


A cousin to both Mazen and Noor. A mischievous and cocky man in his mid-late 20s, who is convinced he’s cooler than he actually is.


Wiry man with a well-trimmed, slightly reddish beard and a knowing smirk in his smile. Could easily pass for East European rather than Arab. Despite having no dialogue, he is an integral part of the plot.


Attractive and well-spoken, but with an understated air of untrustworthiness about her at times.

Greek Orthodox priest

Senior priest, with a long, greying beard.

Mazen’s mother

Middle-aged and smartly-dressed Arab woman, living in Britain but who still has her native accent. Doesn’t appear until the final few scenes.

Sister 1 and Sister 2

Pair of nervous-looking Arab girls close to Mazen’s own age.



Informers, originally called 'Traitor', was written as a film of 2 subplots: one with a Palestinian protagonist, the other an Israeli one.

The resulting script length was both too long to be a short yet too brief to be a feature. Therefore, the decision was made in summer 2009 to cut the original script in half.

The Israeli plot will now be made as a sequel in due course; the Palestinian plot will become a standalone first film.



The movie is being shot almost entirely in the UK, with some footage of the West Bank countryside inserted where possible to give an increased sense of geography.

To create the illusion of being set in the Middle East, filming is to take place towards the end of summer where the sun is as bright as possible. Lighting effects in both filming and post-production will be used to create the appropriate visual effect, while every scene that can be filmed indoors or at night will be.


On-Set Photos

To be added during production.


Nablus Gallery

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Short scripts


A straight-faced look at an intriguing piece of alternative history.

The Berlin Wall has come down, and the people of Communist Britain are as affected by this as their comrades in Eastern Europe.

How would they feel about the oncoming march of democracy? Will they miss the protection of Mother Russia? And would post-war life really have been any different under a special relationship with the capitalist West?

Short scripts


A 30-something doctor carries out an experiment on herself that leaves her devoid of any feelings ... or the ability to understand other people's feelings.

Brand New Morning

Brand New Morning is our entry into the 2011 Reed Short Film Competition.

The competition criteria was to depict, in three minutes or less, what we loved about Mondays. We based our plot upon the theme of making a new start.

Three professions are depicted in the video: a painter, an athlete, and a jobseeking businessman. Between them, they represent those who work indoors or outdoors, at home or away. Brand New Morning was one of 370 entries submitted to the illustrious competition, whose winner is expected to be announced in late spring 2011.

Columbia’s 28

Part 1 of the ‘Missions To Music’ series.

This shows the 28 missions of Columbia, the first operational space shuttle whose career featured plenty of ‘firsts’ of their own.

Challenging Endeavours: a tale of two shuttles

Part 2 of ‘Missions To Music’.

From promise to tragedy, tragedy to comeback and comeback to construction.

See the finest moments of the careers of the space shuttles Challenger and Endeavour: the astronauts they carried, the missions they flew and the space station that Endeavour helped build.

Crisis of Conscience

'Crisis of Conscience' was my entry into Daniel Radcliffe's YouTube competition, to mark the release of The Woman In Black. The aim was to write your own two minute ghost story; the winning entry would be included as an extra on the film's DVD release.

The reading was completed on its first take, and was the first thing I made whilst getting to grips with a new video camera.

Days of London

The complete story of the London 2012 Olympic and Paralympic Games.

It’s all here, from the lighting of the torch and its relay through Great Britain to every Gold Medal winner for the home team and the best of the opening and closing ceremonies.

Relive the UK’s finest sporting hours here!

Days Of London 720p by f514990427

Fleet Leader

Part 3 of ‘Missions To Music’.

See the career of space shuttle Discovery, the most re-used spacecraft in history who completed her final mission with a cumulative total of exactly one year in space.

Football's Price Tag

Football's not about the money ... or at least, it shouldn't be!

Filmed in Hackney Marshes - the grounds where England greats from David Beckham to Ian Wright first learned their craft - a team of Jessie J-loving players are taking the sport back to its roots: playing for the fun of it.

I Don't Want A Christmas With Flu

The second of two music videos made for Barnet and Chase Farm Hospitals in 2013.

This one promotes the winter flu jab, with a little help from a timeless Christmas classic. Vocals by Jennifer Redston.

Read about it in the Metro:
"NHS staff star in actually quite good amateur music video about flu jabs"

An ode to the seven billionth

A great film for anyone who’s expecting a baby soon or knows someone who is.

Written and edited by head of Philistine Pictures’ Salem Hanna, with poetry reading by Ekaterina Botziou.

Written in October 2011, when the world’s population reached 7 billion people.

Prim Londoner Girl

Bad day at work. Dumped by your partner. What's a girl to do?

Rocky: Living For Applause

A great pre-workout video, as the Italian Stallion and his opponents train to one of the best tunes of Lady Gaga's career.

Sochi Roll

Sochi Roll from Salem Hanna on Vimeo.

Spaceplane Sailing

Part 4 of ‘Missions To Music’.

The grace and beauty of the missions flown by Atlantis, the orbiter with the most nautical-sounding name of the space shuttle fleet.

Top Guetta

Fighter planes set to the music of David Guetta. A video that does what it says on the tin.

Top Guetta from Salem Hanna on Vimeo.

Use This Handwash Style!

A spoof of Gangnam Style that I made with a small group of colleagues at Barnet and Chase Farm Hospitals, teaching staff about the seven stages of handwashing.

Long-time collaborator Ekaterina Botziou and her sister Christiana provided the vocals.

As this was done via the hospital, it doesn’t carry my production company’s banner but I am extremely proud to be part of the team that made it.

Waiting On A Dream

Grab your eggnog and open the mince pies!

A festive romance about a young man’s struggle to get home to his girlfriend in time to propose at Christmas, having first met her the previous holiday season.

Zante’s Peak

Sun, sea and rehydration. LOTS of rehydration!

Made with the kind assistance of the tourists and small businesses in Zante, who were as exotic, stylish and fun-loving as the Greek island itself.

Feature length scripts

The Cara Effect

Clive is bored with his life. Trapped between an overpowering girlfriend and a boring boss - neither of which have any faith in his ability to do things for himself - he needs a life changing event to turn things around.

Enter Cara, a beautiful secretary in his workplace whose own boss has been involved in some seriously shady dealings. And when those dealings put Cara's life in danger, only Clive can fix the damage that has been done...

Feature length scripts

The Girl That Got Away

A female vigilante is on the loose, killing club owners who use their premises as a front for drug deals.

The criminal community of London has hired many rival hitmen to track her down and kill her. One of them has an advantage over his peers: she was his teenage romance, and he knows how she thinks. But of course, she knows his mind too...

Feature length scripts

Paper Tigers

With Britain on the brink of World War 2, a secret British programme is turning inexperienced soldiers into instinctive killing machines.

But one ex-soldier is determined to throw a spanner in the works, with the help of a falsely-accused German spy.

Other Projects

In addition to our own productions, staff at Philistine Pictures continue to help out other filmmakers with their projects on a regular basis.

We are proud to be associated with Dark Journey, a gripping new horror movie from producer C.L. Murray and director James White. Dark Journey follows the story of Kelly, a young American musician who travels to London to pursue her music ambitions ... only to find herself battling evil forces that seem responsible for the disappearance of a 15 year old girl. Dark Journey is completed and available for download from Jump Start Distributions at

We have also worked with London-based filmmaker Christina Bucher on A Short Love Story, a new short film that does exactly what it says on the tin. Salem Hanna, head of Philistine Pictures, worked with the crew as an Assistant Director, Sound Recordist and Boom Operator.

For the latest details on these and other projects, please continue to check the Production Diary on the Philistine Pictures homepage.

Literary works


The adventure of a lifetime turns sour for a group of young schoolchildren, as their exciting field trip to the Amazon rainforest is hit by disaster.

Aimed at 10-13 year olds, this gripping story sees our young heroes and villains face the most challenging trials nature has to offer, in the forms of terrifying beasts, cataclysmic events ... and each other.

Literary works


A short sci-fi story, told from the narrative perspective of several characters.

The Rockwell - a futuristic spaceship - was meant to be testing a revolutionary new form of transportation engine. But instead of going forward to new areas of space, its crew have found themselves transported to the past. A past that brings them face-to-face with mankind's own ancestors, and all the problems that could cause.

Literary works


The eyewitness account of a British soldier, whose camping holiday in the Siberian taiga brings him into contact with violent alien forces.

Literary works


An endangered vampire bat. An anxious superstar film director. An overpaid, semi-competent animal catcher, his sexy female sidekick, and an honest cop charged with keeping everything under control.

What could possibly go wrong?

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